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Our family - right-hander Borislav and left-hander Ekaterina - is fond of fine handworking and unusual natural materials.

We produce articles containing particles of exotic lands. At present it is mainly knives and jewelry.

Expensive wood of wonderful colours, pearl miniatures, antique technique of incrustation by metal (vsechka), wood (tarsia), gems... Even those who already possess expensive things will be surprised 👑

We got to know the world of inlay and its peculiarities due to our Teacher - Konstantin Pushkarev - an inlay designer and knifemaker from Russian city Tula. He is well known among connoisseurs of this art in our country and abroad.

More then six years ago he advised us to open our creative workshop "RemManI". All that you see in our works we do ourselves by hand: sketches, intermediates, inlay, knives assembly and accessories for jewelry, ... photos and even this website.

What is the uniqueness of our works? First of all it is in the natural materials they are made of: the wood of unusual native colours, fantastic tinge of pearls, metal shine... Nobody can be insensitive to all these qualities. And we try to emphasize this beauty and make it more evident for you!

Especially noble and unique articles are those made of black wood and ivory. They are very hard materials for the inlay and require long and painstaking work.

But the results are worth of the efforts!

To a large degree it was due to the inlay work that we have left Moscow - a big city with its bustle and noise - and moved to the country. Now we with our two sons are closer to each other and enjoy the beautiful nature around us. Besides now we have more time for creative work.

Thank you for your interest to our works, for your attention and support!

Best wishes, Borislav & Ekaterina Manushiny


A warm atmosphere of a family workshop...

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